Services at our branches

Branch Services

With some 100 branches and offices in more than 37 cities on three continents, staffed by our highly trained, friendly teams, we understand the importance of face to face contact when conducting financial transactions in a foreign country, and we are here to help. We offer a wide range of important financial services for tourists, travellers, expatriates and for those who lead an international lifestyle.

Fast Travel Cash

ChangeGroup has a currency exchange solution for your every need. We can change money across our network of branches from the popular Dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen to the more exotic Riyal, Rupee and many more, instantly. This allows customers to spend money in local stores, restaurants and sports venues immediately without the risk of credit card cloning or unexpected  charges on their credit card bills. Globally, cash is used in half of all consumer transactions and so it is important to always have some travel cash with you. Please note that to comply with official regulations for some types of transactions, your identity document may be required.

Send Money Abroad in Minutes

Remit money (by cash or card) almost instantly to almost any country in the world from your local ChangeGroup branch with Western Union, providing you with an easy way to receive or send cash to loved ones who need it urgently, ChangeGroup’s Western Union partnership offers a fast, reliable and convenient money transfer service around the world. With us you can send money to over 200 countries and territories across the globe in over 130 currencies.

Tax Free Shopping Refunds

International tourists have a great advantage in being able to reclaim the sales or VAT tax on many of their purchases. Process your tax-free shopping at our branches in popular shopping destinations. From Global Blue to Planet Refund and more, ChangeGroup works closely with all most popular tax refund partners, allowing you to make great savings on your travel shopping. Shop at any store that offers tax-free shopping and remember to ask for a VAT voucher.

BuyBack Guarantee

When buying foreign currency, you can help protect yourself against future exchange rate fluctuations with our buyback guarantee. The cover allows you to return any left-over foreign currency at the same exchange rate used in your original purchase. The buyback guarantee is valid for 21 days after your purchase. You can return your excess currency to any of our branches in the country you purchased buyback guarantee from, with the valid paperwork issued at the time of your purchase. Terms & Conditions apply.

Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

Is your bank account low on funds and you need cash fast? With ChangeGroup, credit card Cash Advances are made easy. Using your credit card’s cash advance feature you can withdraw cash from our branches in local and foreign currencies. You can also withdraw larger sums in branch as a cash advance, than what is typically available within daily ATM withdrawal limits. Most major credit card providers participate in this program. In countries where our online service is available, you can even have local cash delivered by post.

Cash Handling Services for Retailers & Business

Whether you are a start-up business or a large global retailer, ChangeGroup can save you time and money with our secure corporate cash deposit service. This service is aimed at restaurants, shops and hospitality venues to deposit notes and coins and to collect the denominations and change that are needed in their venues.