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ChangeGroup corre con los gastos del funcionamiento de una escuela en Camboya

  • 29-ene-2019

ChangeGroup is pleased to announce that it has made a sizeable donation and an ongoing commitment to United World Schools to fund the development and operation of a school located in a remote region of northern Cambodia known as "Koh Key".

The donation will provide Koy Key with all necessary funds for 12 months. By sponsoring a specific school, it will be easier for ChangeGroup to see where the money goes and the direct impact it has on children, parents and the community at large.

ChangeGroup will ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date in terms of the work being done on Koh Key and hopes that many of you will take the opportunity to learn more about United World Schools and the important work you are doing to "Teach the Un- reached "using the link below.