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Branch Services

Branch Services

With our 125 branches in over 40 cities on three continents, and more than 50 of the world’s currencies at its disposal, ChangeGroup has a currency exchange solution for your every need. We can change money across our network from the popular Dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen to the less common Riyal, Rupee and many more instantly, allowing customers to spend money in local stores, restaurants and sports venues immediately. We also offer several other financial services for tourists and travellers. 

Please click here for our locations to find your nearest branch, their address and opening hours.

Powered by Western Union

Send money to almost any country in the world from your local ChangeGroup branch with Western Union. An easy way to send and receive money, ChangeGroup’s Western Union partnership offers a fast, reliable and convenient money transfer service around the world.

Buyback Cover

When buying foreign currency, you can protect yourself against future rate fluctuations with our buyback cover. The cover allows you to return any left-over foreign currency at the same exchange rate used in your original purchase. The buyback cover is valid for 21 days after your purchase. You can return your excess currency to any of our branches with the valid paperwork issued at the time of your purchase. 

Tax-Free Shopping Transactions

Process your tax-free shopping at our branches in popular shopping destinations. From Global Blue to Planet Refund and more, ChangeGroup works closely with all most popular tax refund partners, allowing you to make great savings on your travel shopping.

Cash Advances Made Easy

Is your bank account low on funds and you need cash fast? Using your credit card’s cash advance feature, ChangeGroup makes it easy to withdraw cash from our branches. You can also withdraw larger sums in branch as a cash advance, than what is available within most ATM withdrawal limits.

Cash Handling Services for Business

Whether you are a start-up business or a large global retailer, ChangeGroup can save you time and money with our secure corporate cash deposit service. This service is aimed at restaurants, shops and hospitality venues to deposit notes and coins and to collect the denominations and change that are needed in their venues. 

Competitive International Payments

Whether business invoices or personal payments, ChangeGroup offers our private and corporate customers secure bank-to-bank international transfers at very competitive exchange rates, offering you substantial savings compared to most international bank transfers.

* All products, services, prices and options vary from region and market. Please contact your local branch for more information. Terms & Conditions apply.